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2014 Château Roland La Garde 'Tradition', Côtes de Blaye
2014 Château Roland La Garde 'Tradition', Côtes de Blaye

2014 Château Roland La Garde 'Tradition', Côtes de Blaye

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A beautiful mansion rebuilt in the nineteenth century overlooking the vineyard. A few steps, Roland’s hillock monitors the vines such as an ancestral vineyard keeper. The land of Château Roland La Garde is marked of history and gives to the men who cultivate it the will of excelling. Terroir, tradition and great wine blend well in this place. Bruno Martin, in continuation of what was started by his father, Olivier, was able to take full advantage of this vineyard which offered numerous predispositions. Nature of the soil, sunshine and a name to defend. This legacy of seven generations has a sense only ifyou appropriates it and this is what Bruno Martin did. Today, his son Guillaume, 8th generation, helps him and want to continue the work of their lands. Average age of vines: 35-40 years

Château Roland La Garde now covers 29 hectares with vines of an average of twenty years old on a clay-limestone terroir. Cultivating 74 % of Merlot , 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 6% Malbec, these varieties allow to produce a range of 3 red wines.

Being closer to the nature and what she gives to us every year has always been our priority. Make the finest wines as naturally as possible and allow our soil to speak without artifice is one of our motivations. Our vineyards were therefore converted to biodynamics since 2008.

Historically the vine cultivation has always existed on our property. Many plots have been grouped together to form a beautiful entity. The soils were plowed with horses and then tractors but never my father or I have considered using chemical grass killer. Soil’s life was respected.

With these practices, we converted the whole vineyard in organic culture and it is only a step. It is a transmission that we have to do to our children, it has not to be a poisoned gift.


80% Merlot – 20% Cabernet Sauvignon

Dark and deep color.  Intense nose of morello cherry and blackberry, enhanced by notes of spices.  Smooth mouth attack, then dense and powerful. The complex finish is reminiscent of the nose, fruity and slightly spicy.