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  • 2007 Château Pavie Saint-Emilion – Premier Grand Cru Classé « B »
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  • 2018 Clavis Orea St. Emilion Grand Cru
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The Libournais

The area of Libournais encompasses much of what is referred to as the Right Bank. Named for its historical capital, Libourne, this area sits on the right bank of the Dordogne river and expands west past the convergence of the Isle river. Further west, after the Garonne and Dordogne rivers meet, the region of Bourg and Blaye is found the right bank of the Garonne. The expression Right Bank typically refers to wines from the Pomerol and St-Emilion areas of Libournais.[37] The vineyards of the Libournais are crossed by two rivers, Isle and Barbanne. 

Besides Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, the appellations are: Montagne-Saint-Émilion AOC, Saint-Georges-Saint-Émilion AOC Lussac-Saint-Émilion AOC, Puisseguin-Saint-Émilion AOC, Lalande-de-Pomerol AOC, Fronsac AOC, Canon-Fronsac AOC, Castillon - Côtes-de-Bordeaux AOC (formerly Côtes-de-Castillon AOC), a sub-appellation of Côtes-de-Bordeaux AOC, Francs - Côtes-de-Bordeaux AOC (formerly Bordeaux Cotes-de-Francs AOC), a sub-appellation of Côtes-de-Bordeaux AOC. 

Bourg and Blaye

North of Libournais, this area sits on the Right Bank of the Garonne and Dordogne rivers and is one of the oldest wine producing regions in Bordeaux, exporting wine long before the Médoc was even planted. Merlot is the main grape of the area followed by Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Malbec. The area around Bourg also has sizable Sauvignon blanc planting for sparkling wines and Ugni blanc for cognac.[40]


Entre-deux-mers (literally, between two seas) is a dry white wine made in Bordeaux. The appellation is one of the largest in the Bordeaux region and is situated between the Garonne and the Dordogne (which are actually considered inland seas). The area is responsible for three quarters of the red wine sold under the generic Bordeaux AOC or Bordeaux Supérieur labels.

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